Dazzle By Neha

Dazzle is the brainchild of style junkie, Neha Talreja. Through her graduation in Management Studies in Mumbai and Post Graduation in the field of Marketing in the UK, she always maintained the status of being a Retail Therapy Enthusiast. The whole time, Neha's first love always remained jewelry. Over the years, she buried herself in fashion magazines and blogs to help understand trends and various design styles. Her passion for jewelry teamed with her keen sense for all things that 'dazzle', she launched Dazzle by Neha (online) in 2013. Instantly, Dazzle caught the eye of hungry online shoppers everywhere. Thanks to the enthralling response it got, it became a name synonymous with chic. Dazzle by Neha's client list ranges from local college going girls to working professionals abroad. Neha, who is the sole owner of Dazzle, describes this as her "Dream Job" as she gets paid to make people look edgy, fashionable and fantastic!

Every online shopper knows that her hunt for trendy, edgy and one of a kind statement Jewelry is over when she discovers Dazzle by Neha. A lot goes into making an outfit complete. Dazzle believes it can help you achieve that! We have just the right collections of statement pieces for any and every occasion! And they are just a click away!

All women deserve to occasionally spoil themselves with some much needed retail therapy! Dazzle offers many such treats under one name.

Launched in 2013, Dazzle has always been about helping you set your own trends in fashion and adding that fab quotient to your wardrobe. Jewelry has always been known to depict and help express individuality and creativity. Dazzle gives you a chance to make an ensemble and express the person you truly are by adding the right mix of accessories to whichever outfit you put on. Dazzle helps all you pretty girls to jazz up your looks and outfits with these insanely chic and edgy accessories and make your presence stand out. And what's more? Our USP is that we are easy on those pockets and purses! yes, Dazzle by Neha strives to reach out to anyone and everyone who loves jewelry and hence, aims at being very affordable.

Our products range from western jewelry, indian imitation jewelry, american diamonds, beads, micron gold plated with semi precious stones etc.

We cordially welcome you to be part of our dazzling world!